You begin with three hearts. You end a legend.
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 Legend of Zelda - The Tome of Secrets

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Legend of Zelda - The Tome of Secrets Empty
PostSubject: Legend of Zelda - The Tome of Secrets   Legend of Zelda - The Tome of Secrets I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 2:48 pm

In Hyrule a celebration is taking place. The Fall Festival is about to begin, and the town is all a buzz hanging decorations and preparing for the nights festivities. In the Happy Hearth Inn, lanterns are a glow and streamers of orange and maroon are strewn across the tavern. Patrons are merry, and warm with ale. The music of a harp fills the tavern from one of its three owners, a beautiful Hylian woman with flowing blue hair. Her voice lifts the spirits of all who hear it. Warm ale is being served by a female hylian with her long scarlet hair pulled back she dances around the hustle and bustle of the crowded tables with a platter covered with near over flowing steins. At the bar food and drink is being exchanged for Rupees by a green pig-tailed hylian with a quill behind her ear.

The party finds itself all sitting at one of the tables awaiting what they ordered from the scarlet haired hylian when they notice some dark robed figures enter the Happy Hearth Inn

Campaign Info:
Party Size: 3 to 4
I would like the party to be made up of people who have known each other for at least a little while to build some form of companionship.

Characters start with 4 hearts
Choose a name
Choose a race: Hylian, Gerudo, Zora, Kokiri, Twili
Choose: Courage, Wisdom, or Power
What is your character good at:
What is your character bad at:
Greatest Virtue:
Greatest Flaw:
A secret about your character: (PM me this, don't post in character post)
A Story about your character
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Legend of Zelda - The Tome of Secrets
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