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 Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission

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PostSubject: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 3:05 am

This is an entirely custom campaign setting, based on the conventions of episodic sci-fi adventures (namely Star Trek and Firefly). I am interested in creating a world that is collaboratively designed not only by me, but by the players. If you wish to play, please devise a character who, for one reason or another, has reason to be on board the newly commissioned Ex Vessel Moscow. You may be a janitor, or a prisoner, or the captain. Additionally, other than humans, there are no currently canonized playable races for Ex Vessel Moscow. If you don't wish to be human, please consider creating a custom race for yourself. If you do so, a short paragraph about the culture and appearance of your race should be included. I will incorporate these races into the culture and story of the world. Players who like races that other players have created may play as them. If you wish to instead, play as a race from another work of fiction (any genre, you can be a space Elf for all I care as long as you make it fit), please reduce that race to your three favorite characteristics and rename it before canonizing it.

For example - Phillip chose a Sith; a Sith has:
1) A tendency to embrace passion
2) Rage
3) Telekinetic Abilities

Carter joked about being a Goron; Goron's have:
1) A rocky exterior
2) A war-like/tribal culture
3) A jovial disposition

From these themes, he would make a new race. Races will all be works in progress and will develop as the game goes on so don't feel like you need to create every aspect of your custom/semi-custom race.

Possible ship position examples (You may create other positions and not every one of these needs to be filled. Just ideas.) ::

First Mate


Character Name:
Player Name:
Character Race:
(Potential Synopsis of Custom Race Culture):
(Which Alliance is your race affiliated with, if any?):
Position or reason for being on the Ex Vessel Moscow:
Greatest Virtue:
Greatest Flaw:
Unique Character Quirk:
Physical Appearance:

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 4:00 am

Player Name:Rob
Character Race: Sphinxian Human
Character Name: Rickard Shen
(Potential Synopsis of Custom Race Culture):
The humans of sphinx are a hardy breed. Gravity on Sphinx is roughly 1.3 times earth normal, as such the people of sphinx have enhanced musculature. When placed in normal Earth gravity they display higher than average strength and reflexes. The Sphinxians also have another unique characteristic due to a drug treatment known as Rejuve. Implemented two generations ago Rejuve is a drug that holds back the forces of aging. Unbeknownst to those who implemented it the effects are passed down with age, leading to much longer lasting youth and life spans lasting well into the hundreds. Not all Sphinxians have undergone the process, but for those in the third generation a person in their thirties is only beginning to look out of their teens. As time progresses who can predict the long term effects of the Rejuve process.
The planet sphinx is one of lush jungles and high cliffs. It is home to many prized species of exotic flowers known for their beauty and for one species of creature in particular. The tree cat is a six legged arboreal predator of advanced intelligence. Though unable for speak they are able to understand many words and are extremely empathetic to humans. They are mainly carnivorous but universally love celery which they cannot digest. Tree cats often choose one human to bond with and will accompany this human for the rest of their lives, it is a high honor and symbol of good character to be chosen by a tree cat.
Sphinx is home to many major military and naval academies and as such has a strong military tradition. Many sphinxian youths aspire for top placing in its prestigious academies, and its industries produce massive amounts of material for military purposes. It is a strong force for human power in the sector.
Sphinxian Human:
1) Enhanced musculature.
2) Strong Military Tradition.
3) Young appearance.

Position or reason for being on the Ex Vessel Moscow: XO Rickard carries out the captains orders aboard the ship and hopes to use this as a stepping stone to his own captaincy.
Greatest Virtue:Discipline and levelheadedness in stressful situations ingrained in him by the sphinxian naval academy.
Greatest Flaw:Easily angered by insubordination or unprofessional behavior.
Unique Character Quirk: Constantly accompanied by his treecat Garside.
Physical Appearance: Rickard is in exceptional physical condition due in part to growing up on a high G world and partially as part of his obsessive need to control his life. His black hair is short less than an inch on top and buzzed at the sides. He wears it parted to the right. His face has the unusually young look of someone born to Rejuve, appearing to be no more than twenty. He has a strongly Asian features and almond shaped eyes prevalent among sphynxians. His eyes are light grey and he is meticulously clean shaven. His uniform always appears immaculate even to the point of ridiculousness, something many of his compatriots have begrudged him for. Rickard is tall for a sphinxian reaching a lofty 6'1" and well built.
Garside is a tree cat who chose Rickard as his life partner. He is the size of a large housecat and has six arms with strangely human hands. He has a dark brown coat with swirls of black. He is always by Rickard's side and is highly judgmental when meeting new people. Rickard takes great stock in the opinions of Garside and will often mistrust or trust someone based entirely on Garside's reaction to them.
Rickard's parents were both illustrious military officers and he has always striven to meet their high expectations of him. Since his childhood he has spent the majority of this time striving to reach the sphinxian military ideal. When he was accepted into the manticore academy of naval science his parents simply accepted it as the least he could do. As if getting accepted to the most prestigious naval academy on sphinx was always expected of him. It was during jungle survival exercises at the academy that he was chosen by Garside. A high honor in sphinxian society. His parents simply wondered what had taken so long. When he graduated salutatorian out of the class of 2500 his parents wondered why he wasn't the first in his class. Rickard has served with distinction on the I.A.O Majesty as a helmsman and the I.A.O Redtail as the operations officer. He has risen quickly in the ranks but never quickly enough for his parents. When the EX vessel Moscow was commissioned he was at the top of the list of candidates for X.O. Once he heard about the disappearance of the Brazghar, the ship his parents served on, he knew that this may be the most important mission of his life. This may finally be his chance to answer a question at the front of his mind since childehood. Am I good enough?

Hand to hand combat: Rickard is extremely skilled in hand to hand combat. It is a very common skill among Sphinxian officers. It is used primarily as a way to get to know each other and work out personal stress. Hand to hand tournaments offer the crew a way to interact without the burdens of rank, and being the best fighter on a crew can carry distinct advantages. Rickards mother is a highly renowned fighter and she passed many of her secrets on to him.

Firearms: Rickard is merely passable at marksmanship. He carries scores high enough to rate with all the weapons that he may encounter but never had a particular interest in them.

Tactics: Being raised in a military society and schooled to be an officer Rickard has extensive training in tactics. Though he is extensively studied in them he has no particular natural aptitude or ingenuity. He can use the wide variety of knowledge he possesses well but is unlikely to come up with any bold new strategies.

Survival: Rickard has undergone the rigorous survival training required of officers in the Sphinxian navy. He has spent nearly two years in different extreme environments. He takes well to the wild and always did just a little bit better than his peers in the wild. From the jungles of his home world to frozen tundra to being adrift at sea, Rickard is prepared for anything that might happen should the ship crashland.

Bridge Operations: Rickard is rated to operate all stations aboard the bridge of a starship with passable skill. He lacks the long time experience of specialized officers but can fill any hole left in the crew by injury or absence.

Engineering: Rickard can perform basic maintenance and simple repairs on the less complicated shipboard systems. He is also a veteran of the grueling 24 emergency drill that covers every malfunction the Sphinxian officers can come up with back to back. Even at the edge of exhaustion any Sphinxian can still fight fires, repair breaches, and patch conduits, and Rickard is no exception.

Organization: Rickard excels at driving groups of people towards a goal. A valuable skill that serves him well as a shipboard officer. He has spent long hours running younger students through drills to train both his organizational thinking and his ability to stay cool under pressure.

Hand to hand combat.

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 6:29 am

Character Name: dHerlis (pronounced like Charles) "Darwin" dRein (pronounced like Rain)

Player Name: Carter

Class: Tcerin Engineer

Character Race: Pongo Arachnida (natively: Tcerin ; colloquially: Spider-Apes ; crassly: Spiders)

(Potential Synopsis of Custom Race Culture):
Occasionally confused, at first glance, for an Earth orangutan, these copper-haired apes are easy to pick out due to their two additional pairs of limbs; Each of their eight sturdy, arm-like appendages ends in a dexterous hand with two long grasping fingers flanked by an opposable thumb on each side of the palm. Many racial slurs exist for the amicable and easy-going people that once inhabited almost the entire surface of the watery, earth-like planet, dTau (pronounced like "Xiao"), but few actually bother any member of the species.
Unlike most mammalian species not native to dTau, Tcerin have three genders, males, who carry sperm, females, who carry eggs, and dFuern (pronounced like forn), who are impregnated. For conception to be possible, sperm must pass from the male to the female, and the fertilized egg must then pass to the dFuern, who's genes are implanted by a series of special enzymes that fill and replace dangerously erratic genetic markers, resulting in a lowered rate of genetic birth defects compared to other sexual species, but the extra sexual selection results in a roughly equivalent rate of evolution, despite the lowered birth rate. Sexual intercourse is possible and pleasurable between any two or more members of the species, but is only capable of producing offspring when at least one member of each gender is involved; as such, romantic trios most frequently involve one member of each gender, though other matches exist, and pairs of Tcerin will often become sexual partners with only friendly, platonic interest in one another.
At the peak of their civilization, they were a highly advanced race that had just begun the colonization of other worlds, and simultaneously received their first visitors from other stars, the small, hard-shelled Earyn. The Earyn gave early signs that they were not pleased by the shamanistic animism practiced by the Tcerin, preferring their polytheistic paganism, but there were few who actually anticipated military action. The Earyn were by far the more war-like of the two races, and their first attack was devastating, but the clever Tcerin were quick to adapt and each subsequent attack met with ever decreasing efficacy until the pincer-handed Earyn could scarcely do more than orbit outside the newly erected barriers and watch. While the homestead was swiftly recovering, the fledgling colonies were having mixed results; the Earyn embargo of dTau meant that no new supplies or technology could be sent to the colonies and no survivors could return there in case something went wrong.
The small portion of dTau that the Tcerin did not inhabit, due to a religious stipulation stating that the land there was to be undisturbed for all time, turned out to be the catalyst for their downfall. Through methods unknown, the Earyn found out about the protected area and, realizing that there could be no defenses there, landed the largest dreadnought in their fleet, which had a name roughly translating to "The Plague of Famine," on the exact location where Tcerian defenses could not reach them. The ship began to terraform dTau from its location by pumping a noxious gas into the atmosphere that broke down into large amounts of carbon monoxide and silicon monoxide, both fatal to the carbon-based Tcerin and to every other living thing on the planet. Able to use carrier ships to continuously supply The Plague with the gas, the entirety of the small planet was made uninhabitable within a dTauan week (approx. 13 Earth-Days). An estimated 5.4 Billion Tcerin died in the attack.
Only four colonies manged to survive after contact with the now desolate dTau, Fahrn, Skiel, Jhekt, and dRein. dRein was the largest colony, Skiel and Jhekt were the only two colonies close enough to trade with each other on a regular basis, and Fahrn was the only colony to make friendly contact with another intelligent race.
dRein is now the capital of Tcerin society, nestled into the craggy valleys of the rough, but verdant mountains of New dTau, somewhere in a largely unknown portion of space. The exact coordinates of New dTau are a well-guarded secret and Tcerin who know the secret tend to be paranoid or xenophobic when off-world. Skiel and Jhekt, each on a planet named for their colony, became the cultural centers of the New Tcerian Empire, though with equally enigmatic locations, few outside of Tcerin society have ever even heard of any works coming from either one. Fahrn was established on the planet Pharaoh and its colonists soon met with a strange race calling themselves Human. Believing, after the fall of dTau, that they were likely the only Tcerin left in the universe, they quickly struck up an alliance with the Humans.
Now rare throughout the known universe, most Tcerin chose to remain hidden and refuse all direct contact with outsiders, but even more evasive are the Earyn who destroyed them. No other race has any record of the quadrupedal crustaceans, and examination of dTau has only ever found a poisoned planet devoid of life, but teeming with the ruins of Tcerin, and only Tcerin, technology.
Tcerin (pronounced Serin):
1) Amicable and light hearted
2) Eight-limbed
3) Highly dexterous in mind and body

Position or reason for being on the Ex Vessel Moscow: Head Engineering Officer [Lieutenant]

Greatest Virtue: Has a genuine love of exploration and a passion for new experiences

Greatest Flaw: Reckless and chronically short-sighted

Unique Character Quirk: Loves wearing exotic hats; knows the coordinates of New Tcerian homeworlds

Skill Specialties:
Ship Engineering and Maintenance
Tcerin Technology Engineering and Mechanics

Physical Appearance: Darwin stands 7'2" on his lowest legs, but is more commonly seen at a hunched 4'9", somewhat tall for a Tcerin. Long, red hair punctuates the shaggy, brown fur that covers Darwin's body, though he keeps it underneath his custom tailored green and grey jumpsuit while he's working, to keep his hair from ending up in any of the machinery. Wears a set of Tcerin cloth gloves made with fibers from a plant native to dTau, and now grown on New dTau and Jhekt, as well as in a few rare plant gardens and greenhouses throughout the galaxy. These tough, but flexible gloves are the most common thing to observe Tcerin wearing, often with no other clothing, as Darwin prefers, or with a traditional, translucent, loose body covering called a Tcir (pronounced like sir) for formal events. He usually can be found hanging from low rafters or climbing pillars and statues.

Backstory: Born on Skiel, Darwin moved to dRein at an early age after stowing away in the engine room of a supply freighter. After having held a number of jobs in various cities on dRein, he was able to convince a crew headed for Fharn that he was an engineer. Mid-flight, the real engineers figured out he was a charlatan, but decided that it was a long flight and he could be more help in the engine than the brig, so they taught him as much as he needed to be useful, and turned him over to the authorities upon landing in Fharn. On the recomendation of the crew, who described Darwin as "helpful," inquisitive," and "a pain in the ass, but no more than any other engineer," he was released with a minimal fine after a brief two-week (approx 1.5 Earth months) sentence. During his sentence, Darwin read up on Human culture, especially the history of their planet of origin, Earth. He was fascinated the development of the field of evolutionary biology, taking on the nickname "Darwin" for his obsession. After finding a few more odd jobs in engine rooms and mechanic shops, Darwin began floating from job to job as a spaceship engineer. Though he never received a formal education, Darwin's spent enough time learning everything he could from other engineers and mechanics on the job to be at home in the engine bay of almost any ship from a hopper to a flagship. He'll never be the best, but he's never wanted to be; what he wants is to explore, specifically, to explore Earth.

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 1:57 pm

Character Name: Raije Dolk
Player Name: Phillip Collar
Character Race: Hekser

Physical Appearance: Heksers appear human except for there skin tones are light greys, ashy reds, and blueish greys. There hair is dark golds, scarlet reds, and black. Their eyes are orange, yellows, and sometimes green. Heksers have Tapetum lucidum, a layer of tissue that lies immediately behind the retina. It reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photoreceptors. Heksers also can see a wider range of the light spectrum, allowing them to see in the dark. Heksers have an organ called the Renblod. This organ sits beneath the liver that filters out poisons and drugs at a higher rate, this combined with a higher than average metabolism makes many toxic substances less effective. Heksers also have a rib cage that has a weave of hard fibers that act as a mesh that protects the higher interior organs. This weave, called the Ringbrynje, can't stop any high grade arms, but can slow a knife or a bullet from a small caliber pistol.

Culture: Heksers come from the harsh world of Torrson. Its terrain primarily mountains, canyons, and dry riverbeds; its climate cold and dry. The world is governed by the elite aristocrats who use its citizens as slaves to mine it's world for its precious metals. These metals are essencial in the construction of starships and droids. The Hekser culture is centered around the old teachings of the original rulers of Torrson, and kingdom ruled by the Ancient sorcerer kings. Huge palaces and tombs were contructed for them and hold the secrets of their magics. Now the aristocrats rule Torrson. Caring not for the old traditions the Hekser Monarchs joined the Trazen Alliance. They're now a key member of the alliance using it to fuel they're greed and power lust. They act as power brokers and information dealers. Their operatives are spies, thieves, and assassins.

Alliance: Trazen
Position or reason for being on the Ex Vessel Moscow: Ship's doctor, biologist, and ecologist
Greatest Virtue: Patience, Cunning, and Secrecy
Greatest Flaw: Pride
Unique Character Quirk: Will always move to the part of a room where she feels she has the most control.
Skills: Diagnosis of xenophages in other species. Thorastic Surgery. Xenobiology and Xenoanatomy. Ecology
Physical Appearance: Standing 5'8" with a light gold hair, and pale grey skin. Her build is like that of a gymnast, fiery orange eyes.
Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission MnlO7ss

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 3:02 pm

Player Name: Billy
Character Name: Tralek Razgyl
Character Race: Syrilian
Races History/Culture: As the culture on Syril is primitive according to human standards, it is rich nonetheless. There is no single ruling government, since all the cities are their own individual state. They sacrifice the enemies of each city to their gods. Religion and science are on the same level of importance. Since religion is a huge part of the culture, Huge religious structures known as Pryles are highly reviered among the inhabitants. These massive structures serve as the religious hub of each city and harbor all major activities. The bigger the Pryle, the larger the city is. Wars fought (and there are many) are mainly because they need more sacrifices, not necessarily that they are in love with violence. In fact, they hate ending the lives of one another. They do it only because they believe it is the only way to keep the gods from bringing destruction upon their own city. Not only do they serve as religious and activity centers, but also as research facilities. They are power hungry, so they spend a good deal of resources creating and perfecting all sorts of ways to kill one another. Syrilians, through war, spread the technological advances of each city to other cities. As cities rise and fall, the technology becomes universal, so all carry the same technology. The researchers are a high class in the society. The Hunters (soldiers) and Religious leaders are held in equal esteem. Politics is a necessary evil, so political individuals are middle class individuals. Low class are all other jobs.

During the war of Orions Arm, humans made contact with the Syrilians and they come to terms. When the humans came to their planet, they realized since they are not alone, they need to at least attempt to become civil with one another. They quickly formed a senate style of alliance that involved all existing cities known as the Cortent of Affail. Humans offered to teach them the ways of space if they would help them win the war. So naturally, the Syrilians joined in the fray. Once the war was over, they began working on becoming peaceful amongst themselves, and are currently still working out issues, but are much closer than they were.
1) Reptilians with 4 arms and 2 feet
2) Has very advanced weaponry
3) Hunters average around 7 feet, but usually are hunched over at the waist

Alliance: They are not associated with an alliance since the Cortent of Affail is still working on the planet's inhabitants becoming one society.
Reason for being on the Ex Vessel Moscow: Despite problems with the cohesiveness of decisions, it was a clearly beneficial move for the Syrilians to send a prominent Hunter to act as eyes and ears for the Cortent. They have been so focused on killing one another, that they neglected exploring space. Now is their time to make a difference.
Greatest trait: Very loyal to the Cortent which in turn means loyalty to the expedition
Greatest flaw: no knowledge of space travel and other species, cannot function in the cold (unknown to him)
Special Quirk: Wears a visor with the appearance of a skull. This visor contains schematics and allowing him to take in large amounts of data at any given time. Also, the visor has 7 red Syrilian hearts on his forehead, indicating prestige.
Character description: Syrilians come in a variety of colors, but Tralek himself is of black color. Syrilian hunters are massive compared to humans. Tralek himself is about 7'3" fully standing, but usually is bent over at the waist, making him stand about stomach level. Non-hunters are much smaller than himself and it is rude to not be head level when talking to others. He wil adjust his height based on the size of the individual he is trying to communicate with. He has four arms and two legs, but uses his arms occasionally to walk. However, when in combat, he stands upright and shows off his full height. For the voyage, he packed light. He carries only his electric whip, visor, light armor, and a limited supply of food. His armor is special because it allows him to teleport short distances (close to 300 ft) as long as he can see where he wants to go. He has only a limited range of vocals, so can only communicate via very limited telepathy. He can only learn about other individuals by observing their actions or them allowing him to see it in their mind. He is a very agile individual, being able to clear a wall twice his height and run as fast as 45 mph in earth speed. He is very muscular, built for battle and his reflexes are very quick (notable by the weapon and armor choice). Each arm has the ability to easily crush the ribcage of a human (if he were to push someone against a wall). Since the planet was always at a constant war, no one knows how long a Syrilian can live, but Tralek himself is close to the age of 25 in earth years.
Backstory: Tralek grew up in the City of Calen Mahell, a small, newly formed city. He enlisted in the Calen Mahell Academy of the War Arts when he was 10. He specialized in close combat and hand to hand combat, and found that killing was something that came easily to him. He found that weapons technology was fascinating to him, so he became a bit of a tinkerer. So much so that he built himself his legendary electric whip in the year he was in the Academy. Given that the Cortent of Affail was the largest military force on the planet, he joined. He quickly rose among the ranks as he displayed remarkable ability to fight and the extensive understanding of weapons technology. He reached the Syrilian equivalent to a General when he was asked to represent Syril on the Ex Vessel Moscow expedition. His orders were simple, to learn what he could about other races and report them back to the Corent when he could. He was to assist the vessel to the best of his abilities and do what was commanded by his superiors.

Starting skills:
Hand-to-Hand combat
Melee weapons

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 6:41 pm

Dewitt "Goat" Alers
Earth Human
Lander Pilot/Deck Chief

Greatest Virtue: Appreciates the taste of a fine meal, no matter how "fine" it actually is
Unique Character Quirk: Whittles when he's idle
Greatest Flaw: Spends too much of his time whittling
Physical Appearance: Wears down-to-earth clothes and carries a whittling knife and block of wood at all times.
In the year 2336 AD, human government no longer meets in one location. All meetings are telecommunicatively held, with distributed server loads and encrypted signals, so as to avoid potential terrorist attacks. Earth does have a governmental hub, but it is no longer the heart of human civilization. It's now mainly used as a farm planet and tourist spot. Dewey is from earth. Not just Earth, but the quintessential heart of farmland. Las Vegas. *Note. Nevada in 2336 is closer to Kansas in 2013. America went through a few changes in the mid 2100's.* As a good old farm boy, Dewey didn't have much in the way of ambitions. So when he got drafted at 18, while his mother was upset, he just went along with it. It wasn't like he could do anything about it anyway. During his testing, they discovered that he was a terrific small craft pilot. Dewey just blamed it on the tractors he had had to run. He was assigned to work on several large ships as a lander pilot. He was given many promotions over the years, but he continually requested to be put back on lander duty. Being such an exceptional pilot, he was eventually compromised with and given control of the hangar and boats onboard the IAO Moscow.

Agricultural Science

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission   Ex Vessel Moscow: Character Commission I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 8:45 pm

Player name: Chance
Character name: Kurt Thronesin
Character Race: Delvish

Cultural Background:
The Delvish people are dark skinned and vary in colors, the most common being blues, reds, and purples with three-digit feet and hands, and bearing tails is not uncommon. Given their slender build, the Delvish are natural acrobats notorious for feats of agility. A strictly religious people, the Delvish strive for peace and understanding through closeness to their Gods. The planet Condemnation is ruled by a council made up of the believed avatars of the seven main Gods in the Delvish religion. These avatars are never seen, but their will is spoken through an appointed Mouth. Families with blood ties to the avatars of each God are given gifts in the form of physical abilities. These abilities differ depending on the God giving the gift, but each God always gives the same gift with no variation. The Delvish are notably devoid of scientific advances, decades behind in weaponry and space travel. The planet was able to stay out of the last major intergalactic war but, fearing being dragged into future wars, the Delvish Council quickly accepted their invitation to join the I.A.O. hoping for assistance and defense in the future. Other than this, they have extremely little contact with other races, rarely choosing to leave their home for any reason.
1. Dark skinned
2. Flexible and acrobatic by nature
3. Peaceful, orderly, reclusive, and theocratic culture

Character Synopsis
1. Dark blue skinned with a tail
2. Carefree and whimsical (opposite to the strict standard Delvish)
3. Gift of the Traveller (able to teleport small distances)
Kurt was born to one of the First Families, the direct bloodline of the avatar to the Traveller. His family held an extremely prominent position in Delvish society, akin to princedom in ancient Earth, but it never felt right to him. His father possessed the greatest library of multicultural history books on all of Condemnation and young Kurt immersed himself into the tales of old heroes from distant lands. He received training throughout his life in multiple fields including the sword, barter, and muscular training to better himself in his God's eyes. At the end of his adolescence, Kurt was filled with a wanderlust and a burning desire to see other worlds. Although his father was supportive of his son's decision, his mother refused it. His father saw the logic and had his own interpretation of the Traveller's doctrine. He helped his son, now a young adult, stow away on a visiting trade ship. As he watched his son fly away, Kurt;s father had never been prouder.
Life off of Condemnation was more difficult that Kurt imagined. After stowing away on a human I.A.O. ship, he found no acceptance in human culture. Thrown into an I.A.O. prison for stowing away on an official ship, he met up with some prisoners of other cultures and they were fast friends. With only a few days in the prison, he was informed of an escape attempt and decided to escape with his new friends. It turns out those friends were space pirates under the flag of Captain Fliggon, a human commander who accepted all races as friends. Kurt served faithfully under Captain Fliggon for a few years, his skills with swords and teleportation actually beneficial to the pirates in raids and robberies. In this time, he loosened up and gained a lighthearted carefree nature, dropping the stiff demeanor gained from years of social training. In fact, he became quite charming and a cunning fiend. One day, Kurt was offered a ship of his own to fly under Captain Fliggon's flag. The team had captured a fully functioning freelance trade ship in a recent raid and the captain decided to gift it to Kurt and have a new ship in his fleet. Kurt was assigned a crew of new recruit pirates and christened his new ship the Nightcrawler.
The Nightcrawler became the most feared vessel in regulation space. I.A.O. ships spoke of the devil leading the ship and it's crew who could rob them blind and vanish in an instant. Kurt ran the most profitable ship in all of Fliggon's impressive fleet for more than five years, but he became predictable and cocky. A wily I.A.O. agent planned a cunning trap and presented Kurt with a ship loaded with valuables that could not be ignored. During the raid, Kurt walked directly into the trap and was captured at once. Giving the flee command, the Nightcrawler jetted away and was able to evade further capture or embarrassment. His piracy career was over and Kurt was doomed. That was, until he was offered a deal...
The I.A.O. offered amnesty and a prominent position if Kurt were to reveal the whereabouts and internal workings of the pirate fleet. Being a cunning devil, Kurt saw the potential in this deal and immediately sold out Fliggon. He belted out the locations he knew and where Fliggon could always be found. He gave the names and ships of every captain he knew of flying the pirate colors. He told them everything... except for any information about the Nightcrawler. He claimed that the ship fled leaving him behind, and there was no way to know where the ship could be found... he almost believed his own lies for a moment.
His information led to several pirate arrests and made for a significant hit to Fliggon's business. However, the Captain was never captured. Given his cooperation and good behavior, Kurt was awarded a position on a new exploratory vessel on its maiden voyage, the I.A.O. Moscow. He would serve two purposes on this ship. Informally, he would act as the Delvish ambassador, as no current ambassador for the species exists. His official title on the ship was Communications Officer, responsible for being the voice of the crew and handling negotiations. He believed he heard the committee say something about putting his silver tongue to good use....

Alliance: I.A.O. and Delvish council
Position on the Moscow: Communications Officer
Greatest Virtue: Smooth talking
Greatest Flaw: Selfish and mysterious
Unique Character Swashbuckler and still in communication with the Nightcrawler in secret
Physical Appearance: Dark blue skin with some tattoos, three-digit appendages and a long tail. Short black hair, cut gruffly.

Starting skills:

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Isaac Lorenza
Captain of the Moscow

Fire Arms

Isaac served as 2IC on the Odin, an IAO vessel famous for the suicide mission on Sigma Prime. At the time he was a Lieutenant, he led the ground mission. It was their job to isolate and shut down a hyper space weapon developed on Sigma Prime. While Lorenza's team pushed the bloody ground assault, the Odin covered them from above in a brutal dogfight. But things went downhill fast, the Odin was overwhelmed and its destruction rained fire over Isaac's team. The mission seemed hopeless.

An investigation of Sigma Prime found the mission a success, the weapon was disengaged and not a single living member of the organization that created it remained. Not one living crew member of the Odin was found, though Sigma Prime was littered with their corpses. Search missions proved unsuccessful for the bodies unaccounted for, including Isaac Lorenza. Years have passed since they were pronounced KIA.

Isaac woke on a strange world at the fringes of the galaxy. His wounds were all healed, but he remembered the Battle of Sigma Prime like it was yesterday. Then again... it seemed like all his memories were just a day away. He lived for a few years here on Planet Y, discovering strange things about himself. He encountered remnants of an ancient civilization from this world, from an extinct race called the Lunometheans. In a matter of days, he found he could read their writing and even began repairing some of their tech.

After repairing a space craft, he learned there was one last step to making their interface technology operable. The Lunometheans all had a conscious AI probe installed in their brains, it enabled them to think twice as fast and to directly interface with Lunomethean machines. Isaac performed the surgery on himself with the best tools he could find... for days he suffered paranoia, delusions, hallucinations... It nearly killed him.

But he made a new friend... for the first time he saw the Lunomethean form in person, in a mental projection from the probe. The AI was a strange being, and constantly challenged Isaac's understanding of science. It helped him repair the ship, and in return for all of the wrong science the AI seemed to make function, Isaac named his new friend Maxwell.

Isaac's vessel was an elite Lunomethean star fighter which he named, "Ragnarok" as a memento to the Odin. He still uses the vessel as his personal star ship to this day.

Leaving Planet Y, Isaac Lorenza learned just how far from IAO space he was... the journey was long, he was forced constantly to stop on strange worlds for repair and food. But eventually he found his way to an IAO outpost. When Isaac unveiled his tale to the IAO, how he destroyed the hyper space engine, woke up on a strange world, and survived all this time, they were astonished and pronounced him a war hero. After an intense scrubbing to remove unknown bacteria, Isaac collapsed.

IAO doctors found that rather than being sick, Isaac was incredibly healthy. He was resisting viruses better and seemed to be at the health of body fifteen years younger. With a clean bill of health, Isaac was reinstated and promoted to Captain. He spent a great deal of time catching up on IAO affairs for the decade he was missing until he received his first assignment since return, Commander of the IAO Moscow.

Concerning the Lunomethean drug Atmo:
Isaac, since waking on Planet Y, has suffered delirious visions of memories he doesn't recognize. Sometimes they have negative effects, and for a while they had been driving Lorenza mad. Maxwell explained the benefits of the popular Lunomethean drug Atmo, and that it would likely help Isaac cope. Atmo's effects improve mental stimuli, but also give its user the ability to regulate cranial chemicals. This drug is normally lethal without the aid of a Lunomethean AI to monitor what chemicals are adjusted. The effects of the drug vary depending on what chemicals are blocked and what chemicals are increased.

Captain Lorenza
Greatest Virtue: Isaac respects his crew members, and is well known as a collaborative and natural leader.
Greatest Flaw: Addicted to the Lunomethean drug Atmo, which Maxwell helps him synthesize.
Quirk: Occasionally speaks to the AI in his head as if it were around.
Physical Appearance: At 42, Captain Lorenza sports a well trimmed salt and pepper beard, and dark auburn hair. His irises have developed purple stains since he inserted the Lunomethean probe into his brain years ago. For a 42 year old man, he seems younger and healthier and more in his prime than he should.
- Trained pilot
- Expert with automatic rifles
- PhD in Interstellar Engineering at the University of Titan
- Performed as a violinists in the UoT Orchestra, now plays the Lunomethean Fiddle.
- Since his time on Planet Y, Isaac Lorenza has been capable of interfacing with ancient Lunomethean tech

Starting Skills:
Fire Arms
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