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 The Shelter

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PostSubject: The Shelter   The Shelter I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2013 11:15 pm

The year is 1965. After the narrow resolution of the Cuban missile crisis things have only gotten worse. Communications between Russia and the United States have broken down completely. The bombs could fall at any moment. Most people just try to make it through each day, constantly watching the skies. In the small town of Park hill 100 miles North-East of Dallas, people are still trying to live their lives, hoping fervently that the bombs don't fall, but every day the news gets worse and if there is a time that the hammer is going to drop, it will be soon.

In this campaign the players will take the role of normal citizens of Park Hill Texas, before, during, and after the cold war reaches a terrible conclusion and the bombs fall on America. They will have to deal with finding shelter, resources, and companions, to survive the blast, and what comes after.

I will be accepting six players for this campaign. The first post will be up on Monday. Any characters that are not submitted will not be permitted entry. There will be no late joiners and no replacement characters, everyone gets one shot. Posts will go up every other day. Anyone that has not submitted between those times will be assumed to do nothing. Even if this events in their death. Between the six characters One (1) person allowed to have a small bomb shelter, this can be decided amongst the players or by whoever posts it first. I will allow Two (2) military or ex military party members, once again to be decided amongst yourselves, or whoever posts first. I can hope that everyone will not make hard core survivalist characters but that is up to you.
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The Shelter
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