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 Ex Vessel Moscow: Skills, Classes, and Other Rules (D8)

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Ex Vessel Moscow: Skills, Classes, and Other Rules (D8) Empty
PostSubject: Ex Vessel Moscow: Skills, Classes, and Other Rules (D8)   Ex Vessel Moscow: Skills, Classes, and Other Rules (D8) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 1:37 am

The rules for Ex Vessel Moscow work differently than in the Spin Attack system. Hero points are still present, but they do not allow you to add a die to your roll. Skills, which can be leveled up, instead allow you to decrease the difficulty of a roll. The three dice roll system is still in place, but heart pieces work differently in regards to critical hits.

Please update your character sheet with the following:


Each player begins the campaign with a specialty in three custom skills that are entirely up to you. These skills can encompass almost anything that pertains to the character, but please restrict it to things that make sense in your character's backstory. Additionally, I am not against generalized skills that represent base stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc) but I would prefer that they be more specific than that. Instead of charisma, try Speechcraft or Conversation and instead of strength, try proficiency with melee weapons. Examples include:

Firearm proficiency
Melee weapon proficiency
Hand-to-hand combat proficiency
Spirituality (for those of you who have special, religiously imbued abilities)

Whatever you choose, you'll want to pick skills that you use the most because they are the key to advancing your character. If you have a special ability, make a skill that encompasses it.

Skill Points and Experience Points:

Each player begins an adventure or scene with five skill points. These points can be used to reduce the difficulty of a roll in that skill. If you are in an adventure that is a d8 difficulty, and you wanted to use a skill point to make a roll easier, you roll 3d6 instead of 3d8. You may only use one skill point per roll. You gain experience in that skill for each skill point used.

Gain three experience points in a single skill and you grow that skill by a level and regenerate a skill point. At level three in any one skill you gain the option to drop the difficulty of rolls in that skill by two at the price of two skill points (d8 → d4). Every 6 levels (total and in any mixture of skills), you move to a more advanced class which gains you a special ability and the choice between access to another custom skill or an additional heart container.

A d4 die is the lowest you can roll, but don't worry, higher difficulties will allow you to use all of your skill points. Keep in mind, 75% of the roll results in a success with a d4, but two fours rolled still means a crit fail.

Unlike hero points, skill points roll over between games. If you can think of a way to train a known skill while travelling (sparring, etc.), you may do so three times and gain an experience point in that skill. Additionally, exceptional roleplaying may earn you extra skill points at the end of an adventure.


    Every three skill points used on one skill
    Gain a level in that skill
    Gain a skill point
    Every three levels in any one skill
    Drop a dice in difficulty when using skill points with that skill
    Every six levels in any combination of skills gains you an advanced classs
    Access to new skill or gain an additional heart container
    Gain a special ability


Depending on the skills you choose initially, I will give you a class. Once you gain six skill levels, you move to a more advanced class: a special ability, and access to another specialty skill. This occur after level 6, 12, 18, 24, etc.

Special Abilities:

You gain a new one with every class advancement. Special abilities are custom tailored to your class and skill usage.

Hero Points:

Players start off every adventure or scene with 5 hero points. They may be used to loot the room or regain health. The results are based on a percentage roll and will vary. You may use more than one hero point to increase your chances of getting a good outcome. Unlike Skill Points, Hero Points do not roll over between adventures.


Each player, just as in Spin Attack, begins with three hearts. Upon advancing a class, you may choose to gain an additional skill or gain a heart container.
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Ex Vessel Moscow: Skills, Classes, and Other Rules (D8)
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