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 On the Brink of Being Human

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PostSubject: On the Brink of Being Human   On the Brink of Being Human I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 01, 2013 12:58 pm

The land calls itself Hyrule, and the people call it that in response. The great evil wizard Ganon has been defeated and executed, never again to return. It is a time of prosperity in the land, and the people who know its name are happy. Though, as anyone who's ever been happy can tell you, happiness never lasts long enough, when it lasts at all.

The game takes place about a decade after the execution of Ganon; no new evils have yet arisen; the people are prosperous and happy, but you are not those people.

You are refugees from a far away land (specifics to be determined, you could arrive by boat, portal, even space ship)

With each player, declare one attribute of the race that you all share. No paradoxes. I am the ultimate arbiter of what is and is not paradox; you will be allowed your argument, but I'll decide if it's valid. (aesthetic attributes are collectively a single attribute. The name of the race doesn't count, first person who posts a name names it. Whoever wants the aesthetics needs only to write "aesthetics" in their post instead of a trait. Once everyone else has posted their character and trait, whoever claimed aesthetics will have the chance to choose coloration, patterning and other purely aesthetic characteristics.)

To start, post only a bare bones character concept, how ever much you think is appropriate, and feel free to edit it later.

Also, after each of my posts, I won't post until either everyone has posted or 24 hours have elapsed. If you have not posted by the time I next post, your character will be considered to be repeating any repeatable actions from your last post and otherwise just standing around only taking common-sense actions. (automatically running from danger, attempting not to fall, etc.)

Prepare to deal with displacement, integration, xenophobia, and self doubt on the brink of being human.

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On the Brink of Being Human
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